Sunday Outing

Jen at the Mariners Game

The cartoonist hard at work avoiding a deadline.

In an unusual move for me, I celebrated Mother’s Day and the 50th anniversary of The Pill by going to my first-ever Seattle Mariners game. While the Phillies will always be my first love (sorry, Seattle, but that moose mascot can’t hold a candle to the Phanatic), I enjoyed watching the Mariners end their losing streak by trouncing the Angels. I’m sure it was my presence that did the trick.


  • ritterrific

    A nonconformist Mother’s Day/The Pill Anniversary celebration – I like it.
    Yes, I’m sure the end of the Mariners’ losing streak was due to your presence. I see you in a sequel to “Angels in the Outfield” titled “Cartoonist in the Bleachers”.
    And you do look adorable in the baseball hat.

  • Jen Sorensen

    Thanks. All of my baseball hats have comics- or publishing-related logos on them. This is what happens when one only obtains ballcaps for free at conventions.

  • heydave

    And look at the bright side: one day you may find yourself attending a professional baseball game! ;)

    (Think south side, Chicago)

    Then again, it’s always a good day for the ballpark, wherever you are.

Jen Sorensen is a nationally-published political cartoonist. She is a 2017 Pulitzer Finalist and recipient of the 2014 Herblock Prize and a 2013 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award.