This Week’s Cartoon: “Unemployment Solved!”

Would’ve posted this sooner, but in addition to being busy with moving, the internet at my current location went down yesterday and shows no sign of returning until the cable company comes tomorrow. (I’m typing this in a coffee shop.) I’m not sure what’s the biggest time-waster: when the internet is working, or when it isn’t. Suddenly everything I need to do has become ten times as complicated.

Sharron Angle is far from the only fruit loop when it comes to unemployment benefits. Most of the Republicans and Democrat Ben Nelson have been sucked into the cruelty cult. Paul Krugman’s Monday column was, coincidentally, a perfect companion piece to the strip. Is it really too much to ask that people running for office understand basic economics? Like, at the very least, that there are way fewer jobs right now than there are people looking? If you can’t grasp that, you should be in remedial math, not in the halls of Congress.


  • James

    1.) But I thought that $1 trillion we lit on fire a few months ago was designed to create / save jobs? Yeah, how’d that work out.

    2.) Okay, either we’re out of money, or we’re not. If we are out of money, then I’d venture to say “extending” (not ending, _extending_) unemployment benefits is a bit of a non-starter. Sorry, but the government cannot say “we’re in a recovery” in one sentence, then start the next with “Those evil Republicans won’t extend unemployment benefits…”.

    3.) The 5 workers for every job opening begs another question–at what point, then, are we going to start enforcing immigration? Because I think we’ve just put paid to the tired line uttered so many times by W the Foolish about “jobs Americans won’t do.” This animal should not be able to exist given the current environment…if this is true.

    4.) This is not to say I think quitting unemployment benefits cold turkey is a good thing. I just find it very interesting that, surprise, surprise the refusal to extend unemployment is being used as a tool of demagoguery directed at one party. If said party had demonstrated any level of competency from 2001-2006 I’d say that such BS should lead to an immediate and utter beat down of the party in power (that being the Ds). Alas, as neither party seems to be able to govern its way out of a wet paper sack, I think we’re pretty much f*cked.

    5.) Look on the bright side–at least we’ll get a realistic unemployment number soon as folks have their “free chicken” cut off. Sure we’ll also have riots in the streets and chaos, but that makes it easier to roast marshmallows, right?

Jen Sorensen is a nationally-published political cartoonist. She is a 2017 Pulitzer Finalist and recipient of the 2014 Herblock Prize and a 2013 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award.