This Week’s Cartoon: Post-Election Punditspew 2010

You know, as upset as I am that the Democrats didn’t go on the offensive enough, I kind of feel sorry for them. Obama bends over backwards to be bipartisan, faces an unbudging wall of opposition that includes some members of his own party, and the Dems still get blamed for not reaching hard enough across the aisle. Meanwhile, Republicans can be as fiery and filibustery as they want to be. To illustrate this double-standard, I thought it would be a good occasion to bring back Mr. Perkins as the flaming conservative. You can see his previous appearances here, here, and here.

I was pleased to see a reader on the Slowpoke Facebook page noticed the spelling of “faeces.” I like to think the Latinized spelling adds to Mr. Perkins’ pomposity, and also classes up the joke a bit. In general, I try to keep scatological humor to a minimum, although I could not resist the idea of projectile-evacuating pigs here.


  • Michael Welle

    This comic only slightly exaggerates the cruelty of the Republicans/tea-party. I mean they’ve already screamed at the President during his state of the Union. Now I hear of a tea party member stepping on the head of a member and get this–the tea party member is demanding an apology: Also, I think they show what ignoramuses they are when they accuse Democrats of being Nazis (the ultimate extreme of the right-wing). If they had any brains, communists might be a logical insult (which of course they often use this insult as well). But do we really expect these monstrous bully-jocks to have any understanding of the political spectrum?

  • P Gustaf

    Evergreen cartoon. Funny in that way that stings a bit, because it’s so true.

Jen Sorensen is a nationally-published political cartoonist. She is a 2017 Pulitzer Finalist and recipient of the 2014 Herblock Prize and a 2013 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award.