Reality Eclipses Satire, no. 87,493

I love this. In my cartoon this week, I suggested an absurd way that Michelle Bachmann might explain her quote that voters should be “armed and dangerous” over the cap-and-trade bill. As I learned today via TPM, she actually did walk that quote back a month later, saying the following:

“I want my people in Minnesota to be the most educated people. I want them to be armed with knowledge, so they can be dangerous to the policies of the left.”

Almost like my comic. Clearly I didn’t go far enough.


  • Kevin Moore

    She could have said, “My arms are dangerous to bystanders as I flail about helplessly trying to recover from my stupidity.”

  • Jen Sorensen

    But Kevin, she wants Minnesotans to be the most EDUCATED people! Surely that means she is educated herself.

  • Rich

    *Sigh* As a Minnesotan, I would like to apologize to the rest of the country. District 6 is pretty much a Gerrymandered Republican district. Please don’t hold it against us!

  • http://n/a Doug

    The best backpedaling I’ve seen so far was the Palin camp’s attempt to walk back the “Don’t retreat — RELOAD!” tweet by claiming that she meant “reload your browser” — to keep up with the nefarious doings of the Democrats, presumably.

  • Bill Freese

    Rich makes a good point. Gerrymandering is a huge part of this. We divided the country into districts made intentionally politically extreme, and then those districts elected political extremists. Who could have seen that coming?

  • Halliburton Shill

    2 weeks of brilliant, insightful cartoons. I agree with Doug, don’t retreat, reload. Don’t let anybody shout and hate you down. Rather, you probably could make it into a trilogy or monthly Slowpoke episode.

    More lovely Tea Party love:
    Maine’s tea party-backed Gov. Paul LePage (R) has gone from telling President Obama to “go to hell” to telling the NAACP to “kiss my butt,”…

    BTW, some people are actually interested in sources regarding your footnote:

  • Jen Sorensen

    @Halliburton Shill – Thanks. A lot of it was taken from the TPM post linked above. Or for your convenience:

  • Halliburton Shill

    While my commend awaited “moderation” ;) I also remembered a new holiday idea I had yesterday that Governor LePage (clearly a French Canadian invader) would support:
    Shoot-One-Person-You-Hate-in-the-Head day

    While I feel the Republican rant strong in me, let’s not forget which side of the partisan prison is calling for the torture/murder of Julian Assange and the “liberation” of Wikileaks:

  • Jen Sorensen

    Not sure why your comments are being held for moderation — I have that turned off. [UPDATE: Figured it out. It's because your comments contained multiple links.]

  • Halliburton Shill

    I’m OK with awaiting for moderation. Wouldn’t want your blog to get shot in the server with spam.

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