This Week’s Cartoon: “GOProducts”

I wrote this one on my flight to Boston for the Reubens Weekend. I’d just read a NYT article about tennis star Maria Sharapova launching a line of tennis ball-shaped candy called “Sugarpova” which sort of cracked me up. And then a strange paranormal phenomenon occurred: the closer I got to Boston, the more I became possessed with the kitschy spirit of “Big Fat Whale” cartoonist Brian McFadden, at whose apartment I would be spending the night. The cartoon was actually drawn in Brian’s Big Fat Office, and Photoshopped on his Big Fat Computer using one of his Big Fat Fonts. Moreover, Brian suggested the title and provided key editorial advice for the last panel, which was going to show a jar of jellybeans with the black licorice ones removed as opposed to the funnier “separate but equal” jar of beans. So, Brian, Mr. Perkins tips his hat to you. I apologize for only adding the “Thanks, Brian” to the strip belatedly, as it’s well-deserved.


  • Bill

    Is it true that the only thing McFadden eats is burritos? Also, wasn’t it HOT up there? I hear he refuses to go get his air conditioner! It must have smelled terrible, what with all the burritos and beer and lack of AC! You are one intrepid adventurer!

  • Jen Sorensen

    It was nonstop burritos and beer from dawn till dusk!

  • Jeb

    I noticed an uptick in the shareprice of Febreze’s parent company in the days prior to your arrival.

    Great comic by the way–delivers in every panel. The separate-but-equal jar is a classic joke that I hope isn’t wasted on the (hopefully) brief careers of Mssrs. Paul.

  • Brian McFadden

    It was a pleasure to have you at our cartoonist B&B!

    I’m seriously considering cleaning up my online persona after these comments. After I finish this burrito and wipe my hands on my pants.

  • True Patriot

    It’s sad “professionals” can’t get their facts straight. But, you are a cartoonist. So, I shouldn’t be surprised. However, as a veteran of 9/11 I KNOW without a doubt in my mind from my experience, the Pauls are the only hope left for America. If you went and did research past the soundbites and the editing, you would find more to the Rand Paul story. However, you probably won’t because you sound like a liberal/democrat. I also HATE Bush. I am NO republican. I am a human being and an American first and foremost. I don’t believe in politcal parties, just like our first President, George Washington! And yes I know that the words democrat and republican should be capitalized, I just don’t respect them enough to do it. And I HATE the man LEGALLY known as Barry Soetoro, more popularly known as “Barack (Hussein) Obama”, too. He will be the one to help bring down and destroy America as we once knew it. And all with what ol’ dubya helped start. Obama = Bush 2.0 Period. And please, don’t respond, you make yourself sound dumb enough already with your comic. God Bless! (now, let all the comments from the kool-aid drinkers and the “because the government said so, it’s true” crowd begin!) Down with the new world order!

  • Tom

    Why, thank you True Patriot. I’m sure the reason you sound irritated with the way things are is that, because you hate Bush, you spent eight years demonstrating against Bush, writing and calling congresscreatures, holding protest signs on street corners, risking vandalism of your car by putting anti-Bush bumper stickers on it and otherwise trying to stand up against Bush.

    Uh, you did, didn’t you? Once in a while maybe? Once?

    C’mon, you DID protest against deficit spending, the warrantless wirtapping of communcation and the torture of prisoners, didn’t you?

    Or perhaps you one of the people driving by, middle finger extended, yelling “Saddam-loving commie faggot!”

    A steady observer of Ms. Slowpoke’s work will notice that she also takes time to needle President Barack Obama for his shortcomings. Yet, a comic strip making fun of the way GOP candidates could try to market themselves brings from you a diatribe of the talking points of “look at that awful Democrat who’s not really Barack Obama!”

    By the way, what is “a veteran of 9/11″? Were you working in the Pentagon or the World Trade Center on that day? New York City firefighter? F-16 pilot scrambling to intercept Flight 93? I suppose if you cast the net wide enough anybody in the United States who is at least 10 years old can call himself or herself “a veteran of 9/11.”

    As far as Ron Paul, I think The Onion nailed it when they said his problem is that most Americans like having paved roads.

  • matt

    Boy you people sure don’t get it, TP is right, America is all about HATE. HATE politicians, HATE your neighbor, HATE people who work for a living, HATE people who would work for a living if they could get a job (by the way, GET A JOB you lazy…), HATE my mom’s basement, HATE the internet, HATE history, HATE my snotty cousin, HATE people with parenthetical middle names, HATE the player, HATE the game too, why the hell not, HATE real veterans, HATE veterinarians while your at it, HATE indoor plumbing, HATE potable water, HATE people who don’t look like me, HATE people who look like me (imposters!), HATE the last three bosses that fired me, HATE my history teacher (my other teachers too, but that bastard even more). Let’s face it, HATE is what made this country great and keeps it on top of all the other hateful pathetic countries that we all HATE so much. God Bless (he hates you too, don’t feel left out (oh shit I said left, now I gotta HATE myself)) and share the HATE.

  • Bill Freese

    “And please, don’t respond, you make yourself sound dumb enough already with your comic. God Bless! (now, let all the comments from the kool-aid drinkers and the “because the government said so, it’s true” crowd begin!)”

    Oh. Oh. I recognize this one. It is called “poisoning the well.”

Jen Sorensen is a nationally-published political cartoonist. She is a 2017 Pulitzer Finalist and recipient of the 2014 Herblock Prize and a 2013 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award.