New Abortion Laws

The fetal heartbeat bill passed in North Dakota might not survive a legal challenge, but other radical laws may have the effect of shutting down the state’s lone abortion clinic. So, poor desperate women of North Dakota: you may as well just give up and kick back at Preggers, where every night is Ladies Night.


  • Lana Holbrook Barr

    The poorest women/girls will suffer the most!! If you have money and or power, you have the means to travel to another state,rent a motel room,pay for an abortion and lose 2-3 days of income. Most low-income women/girls don’t have that option. If they are desperate…then what??

    • Sasha Richmond

      Then their baby gets to live. Horrible, right?

      • Erin Lowe

        Reliable, inexpensive birth control is hard to come by, in a state that likely has “Abstinence only” education where children only learn the horrors of sex, which they will ignore, and not how to have it safely. Now, let’s put all your fervour aside for a moment and run my complete lack of numbers:

        How many accidental pregnancies, rapes, counts of incest, and failures of birth control are there? A lot.

        How many parents are looking to adopt because they can’t have children? Plenty.
        How many of those parents want a baby: Most.

        How many of those parents are able to adopt in the US? Some.
        How many of those parents are willing to adopt an older child? Few.
        How many of those parents adopt outside of the US? Too many.
        How many of those children who go into the care of the state are left to be raised by the state? WAY too many.

        So let’s take away the education, reproductive rights, and futures of our poor, increase the population, and drag down the entire populous, because a blastocyst/fetus has more rights than me.

        Or, allow women reliable, inexpensive birth control, access to the Plan B pill, comprehensive sex ed (no, I’m not talking about positions, you pervert, I’m talking about how to use a danged condom!) education for poor mothers and resources to allow them access to healthcare and birth control, safe, secure locations for victims of incest or rape to hide and recover, inexpensive mental healthcare, and yes, access to abortions, and let’s see how the economy improves when those with no money are not having 10 kids they can’t afford and living off the government dole.

      • Elizabeth Davis-Simpson

        I had aborted a fetus that was severely damaged and if it survived the pregnancy, was not likely to make it much beyond that. There are many reasons to have an abortion. If I were that fetus, I’d want my mother to do the same thing. I was lucky to live in a state where I could do this.

    • Soundly

      Why would poor people suffer? We have healthcare to take care of them and they have every right to put their child up for adoption. If they are desperate, find someone to adopt your child early who will pay your way through the pregnancy. There are a lot of them out there. It’s not difficult regardless of your income.

  • Soundly

    Look at that picture in the upper right hand corner. That pretty much says it all. “Ugh just let me out of here. I can’t wait another seven months to have someone else who can’t have children take the baby I created. Someone please just vacuum this thing with the heartbeat out of me and snip its spinal cord already. I want to get wasted and have someone else I don’t know put another one in me PUH-LEEAAASE.”

  • Anna Powers

    I like how women, who are supposed to be strong and smart, are now “poor and desperate”. Way to condescend.

  • Quiddity

    Also like that upper right hand corner picture. Hilarious,

  • Erin Lowe

    I found this picture copied (not linked) from a crazies site (about anti-abortion and blasphemy) I found on a random google image search (oddly, for Rubber Chickens, don’t ask) so I typed in your address (still written on the side) and now you have a new fan! (Although sometimes a parenthetical one.)

Jen Sorensen is a nationally-published political cartoonist. She is a 2017 Pulitzer Finalist and recipient of the 2014 Herblock Prize and a 2013 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award.