Digital Doctor Deniers: The truth about so-called “webcam abortions”

The Arkansas House just passed a measure banning the safe practice of doctors interacting remotely with women taking RU-486. Similar uses of technology in the field of telemedicine have been around, and largely unquestioned, for decades. But in recent years, Republican lawmakers have suddenly expressed a curious concern for women’s safety when it comes to this particular usage. Pre-emptive bans are being passed in states where the technology has not even been used yet in conjunction with RU-486. It’s almost as if there’s something else going on here…


  • Taco43

    All Republicans are qualified gynecologists.

  • Aylithe Hyrexia Zoldas

    I wonder if republicans are pushing back against this because certain people who may or may not be huge republican donors have made a huge amount of futures bets concerning certain health networks-
    And this would lower their profits (even if it helps save people) so they are fighting against it?

    Probably a whole deal more simple or more complex than that- but the motivation is probably the same-
    The same boring thing that motivates everything it seems, money =[

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