Ghost Bluster

The backlash goes all the way to the top: even Donald Trump has weighed in with exactly the sentiments you would imagine. Like the director and cast members, I can’t believe we’re even still having this “conversation.”

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I hear it’s pretty good.


  • Pagan Hayes

    A little unfair I think – one of the 1st internet personalities to speak out against this was Comic Girl 19 – or view “Wrapped up in Film” – a female reviewer..

    I AM male (full disclosure) and hate the idea of this movie – and it is nothing to do with the fact that the stars are women and it is EVERYTHING to do with idea that I am growing to HATE reboots, remakes and re-imaginings!!! Ghostbusters to me, was an awesome movie.. and the remake, from the trailer, looks “meh.” Not bad, just “meh.”So why? Get some original ideas for goodness sake, you studio hacks. Give me an all-female cast with a great script, better special effects and less bottom-of-the-barrel jokes and then we’ll have a ballgame!.

    And yes, there are some SJWs doing what they love best – whining and throwing tantrums….. but I think that is being used to disguise the fact that many people are starting to rebel against this bland rehashing of ideas. Why else were constructive critiques being removed and SJW rants being left on the trailers Youtube page – to try to spin the fight to this being a sexist thing so the studios keep up their profits!!

    As for Feigs, he lost me when he said “Geek culture is home to some of the biggest a–h—-s I’ve ever met in my life.” Nice…insult your fanbase.

  • CJ

    “…the next generation has embraced freedom of expression.”

    Indeed they have, and considering Ghostbusters 2016 hasn’t even come close to making back it’s own budget after 2 weeks at the cinema, that expression appears to be “Yep, it’s crap.”.

  • Sven

    Went in with an open mind as a long-time fan.

    Movie just plain sucked, sorry.

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