Hillary eruption

Even if we learned that Hillary could totally shred on guitar, it seems the media would find a way to turn it into a scandal. A few months ago, Vox reported on a study showing that Clinton had received the most negative coverage and the least positive coverage of any candidate. Recently, the normally-staid Washington Post ran an incredulous editorial about the conspiracy-theory-level reporting on the emails. While I certainly don’t believe Clinton should be immune from criticism or examination of her record, the fact that she and Trump have been rendered more or less equivalent is an utter indictment of the way these elections are covered.


  • Bookworm

    Now it’s pneumoniagate.

  • Caleb Thom

    Is Hillary covering up her favorite breakfast cereal? What doesn’t she want us to know!

  • R S

    [Disclaimer: I'm not a Republican, or "conservative" or Trump supporter.] Having said that, she’s passing off Hillary’s email scandal as just some non-story. It’s incredibly disingenuous to downplay the incredible lack of security over confidential information. And, she did lie to Congress over it, we now have the official proof (see Wikileaks). That’s not a “conspiracy theory.” And BTW, yes, I do criticize the GOP when they do the things she has done. HRC has Benghazi, Reagan was directly responsible for 241 marines killed by terrorists in Beirut, which he got out of. HRC lies under oath, a felony, while GHWBush-41 says Read My Lips, and got away with it. Hillary and Obama, we have now proven (in fact HRC didn’t deny it) helped start ISIS, then armed it. If you can’t see how psychologically crazy this women (I mean in the clinical sense, not the rhetorical or hyperbolic sense) then something is very wrong.

    Oh, and BTW, HRC is a flagrant supporter of Henry Kissinger. Please read what Kissinger and Nixon did in both Cambodia and Chile. Hint: they deliberately set up operations which led directly to a) the massacre of millions of innocent people in Cambodia and b)the overthrow of a democratically elected leader of Chile, then Kissinger/Nixon installed a thug dictator who gathered 1000′s into a soccer stadium and murdered them. That was who Kissinger was. Hillary vibrantly supports him. She actually hugs him in public (google it please). And, just the other day HRC said she still considered herself a Goldwater Girl. And last but not least: there is absolutely no way that anyone with common sense can look at the Clinton Body Count and ****at the very least**** not conclude that that situation needs to be investigated thoroughly. If Reagan or Bush or Nixon had a body count like that surrounding them, I think any HRC supporter would be screaming for murder investigations —- and they’d be right. So, no “conspiracy theories” here—-just facts. Funny how if someone disagrees with someone on reasonable issues, and there are facts to back it up they still get called a conspiracy theorist.

    I for one won’t be voting for either Trump or Hillary. I won’t be responsible for putting either one of those monsters in office. I will vote 3rd party or write in Bernie Sanders, the only candidate in the last 15 months who is actually supported by the vast overwhelming majority of the citizenry (65%), and the one who actually won the nomination.

    Oh, BTW, going by the most recent cartoon, which is a little obscure, it looks like she’s claiming that Hillary will somehow be taking on Voter Suppression. That one has me RONTFLMAO Bigtime!!!! That’s like Trump promising to protect a woman’s right to an abortion. Um, news flash: Hillary was the one doing the Voter Suppression. Duh. Check out the videos of her and Bill in MA and NY actually going into voting locations, in direct violation of the law. And no, the Mass Attorney Gen was wrong—-there does not in fact have to be a physical effort to keep people from getting to the voting machines in order for there to be a violation of the law—-although they did just that in New York. Long story short, someone who does this is trying to quash democracy. I take that personally, as should any American. And yes it happened in favor of Bush in 2000 and 2004 – also violations.

    • yougottaproblemwiddat

      Go away, comradeski.

Jen Sorensen is a nationally-published political cartoonist. She is a 2017 Pulitzer Finalist and recipient of the 2014 Herblock Prize and a 2013 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award.