Suffer the children

I’m a bit delayed posting the strip this week, but I have a pretty good excuse. On Monday afternoon, I learned I was a Pulitzer Finalist. I’ve never been so thrilled to come in second place for anything. It’s nice to see the Pulitzers increasingly recognize that political cartoons can come in a variety of formats.

A few relevant reads for this week’s comic: this Mother Jones article explains what you need to know about Trump’s EPA reversing the scheduled ban on chlorpyrifos.

Major studies from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, the University of California-Davis, and Columbia University have found strong evidence that low doses of chlorpyrifos inhibits kids’ brain development, including when exposure occurs in the womb, with effects ranging from lower IQ to higher rates of autism. Several studies—examples herehere, and here—have found it in the urine of kids who live near treated fields. In 2000, the EPA banned most home uses of the chemical, citing risks to children.

See also this from Human Rights Watch: EPA Decision Could Put Children at Risk

This should be getting as much attention as that guy getting pulled off the United Airlines flight. Countless kids, especially child farmworkers, and those who live near farms, will suffer from this decision. Now that’s caring about the working class!

There’s also this about how the Republican replacement for the ACA threatened to hurt children.

And more on how the repeal of Obama’s Clean Power Plan would affect air pollution, and kids’ health in particular.



  • Stevie Ray Vaughn

    Spot on as always, Jen.

  • Caroline Liddell

    Jen,I have always loved your wonderfully accurate yet still funny cartoons!
    You don’t have to tell me how toxic pesticides are(& how shamefully companies lie about their safety!)-After my house was tented for termites,I developed lymphatic cancer at 19.
    So did our dog,(a young,healthy Labrador retriever.)
    We were the first 2 living creatures to enter the family home-4 days post tenting.
    The company assured us it was safe to enter-yet both girl & pup developed cancer within 6 months time!.
    It’s no accident that farmers & their families develop high cancer rates.
    Do you know which profession traditionally had the lowest cancer rates?
    Beekeepers-who avoided pesticides before the varroa mite infestations that precede Colony Collapse Disorder (ALSO linked to pesticide use!) made them try miticides in sheer desperation. Alas,CCD is linked to pesticide exposure as well.
    Sayonara,varied diet!

    I’m also unsurprised by the lymphatic cancers caused by RoundUp*(glyphosate)-as Agent Orange, still causing cancers today in Vietnamese citizens & war vets in our nation,was developed by the same company around the same time(Dow/Monsanto)
    Things haven’t changed much since then-& sadly,what progress we made In making our world safer for our kids is being erased by a new infestation of soulless profiteers.

    So Trumpty Dumpty’s catspaw allowing yet ANOTHER banned pesticide (Chlorpyrifos)to be sold here doesn’t shock me.
    I expect to see Agent Orange remarketed soon, under some sneaky name;’Weed B Gone’,& advertised as being a boon to hardworking folks across the nation(just as Roundup already is!)

  • Caroline Liddell

    Jen,I have always loved your wonderfully funny(& accurate!) cartoons!As Stevie says,you are spot on. Like most Americans,I was once naive,believing that our watchdog agencies protected us from fatal products.
    That was before an EPA approved pesticide gave me & my young dog lymphatic cancers.
    I was a 19 yr old nonsmoker,vegetarian kid who exercised, never drank or did drugs or even ate junk food-so a cancer diagnosis was a hideous shock!
    Worst of all was feeling that I had destroyed our dog by bringing him into a poisoned home that we were told was safe.
    It’s no accident that farmers & their families have high cancer rates,particularly lymphatic cancers.
    These are strongly linked to pesticide exposure.
    Beekeepers-who traditionally had little exposure to pesticides(pre varroa mite epidemic)-had the lowest cancer rates of ALL

    • Jen Sorensen

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Caroline. Hope you are doing OK now!

Jen Sorensen is a nationally-published political cartoonist. She is a 2017 Pulitzer Finalist and recipient of the 2014 Herblock Prize and a 2013 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award.