Security Flaw Found in Americans’ Brains

In normal times, this cartoon might feel a bit like a cheap shot, but in today’s America, it’s unfortunately more like an accurate description. Incredible numbers of people have come to believe utter falsehoods, helped along by a roster of moneyed villains. Raising the accuracy and intelligence of our various media would certainly help, but we also need to solve the gullibility problem. Don’t ask me how we’re going to do this.

As one reader reminded me today, the Texas GOP actually opposed teaching critical thinking skills in its 2012 platform. You can’t make this stuff up!


  • SusanM

    We have a new buzzword, too, for anyone who admires competence,
    knowledge, learning and skill, and who whishes to spread it around.
    People like that are called “elitists”. That’s the funniest buzzword
    ever invented because people who are not members of the intellectual
    elite don’t know what an “elitist” is, or how to pronounce the word. As
    soon as someone shouts “elitist” it becomes clear that he or she is a
    closet elitist who is feeling guilty about having gone to school.

    Isaac Asimov – A Cult of Ignorance (1980)

    • SusanM
      • Jen Sorensen

        That’s a great essay. I saw him speak when I was a kid.

        • SusanM

          Wish I could have seen it. From what I’ve seen he was an engaging speaker.

          I think it’s a pity that Susan Calvin (a character created in the 50′s, mind) is still way more progressive in most respects than characters today.

        • Alan Barta

          Not only saw Asimov speak, but engaged him afterwards in conversation. He was all about the origins of science fiction, as was I, and mentioned Voltaire’s Micromegas, which I just happened to have on me in a book collection. So he autographed it. We spoke at length about his Fact and Fantasy. Stupidity these days is chic. Hideous Idiocracy rules.

Jen Sorensen is a nationally-published political cartoonist. She is a 2017 Pulitzer Finalist and recipient of the 2014 Herblock Prize and a 2013 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award.