Travel comic in The Oregonian

Splash panel for Whitefish Montana comic

Now it can be told: I have my first graphic travelogue appearing in Sunday’s Oregonian, filling a full newspaper page and a half in the travel section. But you can see it online now! This is the most ambitious project I’ve taken on in a while, and I loved doing it. I’ll be posting some photos of the trip here soon.


  • Elmore

    Wow… that’s really, REALLY cool. I enjoyed that a lot. If I were the convention & visitors bureau dude in some town, I’d be pushing the town to pay you top dollar to come in and make the place look as cool as you’ve made Whitefish, Montana, look. I hope you get more work like that.

  • Sandy

    I can’t imagine myself being terribly interested in reading an article / graphic travelogue about Whitefish, but now I guess I’ve confirmed it: I’ll read anything you put out there. I love your stuff and, like everything else, this was great!

  • leslie

    Loved this as the alternative to the common, often not information standard travel article! Went to Whitefish two years ago and stayed at the GM Lodge, so tickled to see the owners depicted. And now I will plan a trip back by train!

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  • Jen Sorensen

    Thanks, everyone! I definitely hope to do more. Unfortunately, these things are time- and labor-intensive, which limits how much I can do. But oh, was it fun.

    Leslie – Neat that you’ve been there! Say hi to Betsy and Woody for me if you go.

  • Tom

    This was great on several levels. One is just the look at a neat destination, another was being able to use a train going and returning. I love train travel, but Amtrak has never gotten beyond a bare-bones minimal system in most parts of teh country. While I’d love high-speed rail, I’d settle for “comprehensive rail” in the United States, something on the order of what we had, say, in 1960.
    Plus, it’s heartfelt travel writing! The closest I’ve come to that is a few pieces for our cycling club and the 12 years I was doing the canoe club newsletter. But nothing like this – I was delighted, too, with the combination of drawn art and photography!

  • Elmore

    Yesterday’s NPR coverage of Obama’s proposed budget included a clip of a sneering Mitch McConnell criticizing the “world of trains and windmills” the budget would supposedly promote.

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