Pod People

Poison control centers received 37,000 calls over two years about kids getting into detergent pods, which resulted in two deaths and two dozen life-threatening injuries. Doctors are urging parents not to buy them. No one really needs clown-colored chemical hackysacks to clean their underwear. Keurig’s plastic packaging poses an environmental problem, to the extent that the inventor of the ubiquitous “K-cup” now has regrets. More on that here.

I was going to use disposable toothbrushes pre-loaded with toothpaste as a gag in the last panel, but it turns out they already exist.


  • skeptonomist

    Here’s an idea for the next gag – water pods. Imagine the waste if water were pre-packaged in small plastic containers.

  • charliecheerio

    Those pods come in damn handy when you have to schlep to the laundromat. I keep mine behind a child safety locked cabinet to protect a freaking cat. If parents can’t do the same, they shouldn’t use them, but don’t say they have no purpose.

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