Thoughts on today’s Affordable Care Act ruling

I was going to be interviewed by the AP today about my response to the Supreme Court ruling, thanks to the health insurance comic I drew for Kaiser Health News. After preparing some remarks, I was told that the article was running long and they didn’t need further commentary. So, in an effort to make ye olde proverbial lemonade, I’ll share my thoughts here.

Like most people, I was stunned by the ruling.  I never thought I’d say this, but it’s possible that John Roberts just saved me a shit-ton of money. Believe me, I have no love for private insurance companies, but the mandate is a positive step forward as we work toward single-payer.

At the same time, I don’t particularly feel a sense of relief. I’m dreading the ongoing political battles that lie ahead, and wish this could just be over. The mandate will be framed as a burdensome tax, and ACA supporters need to make very clear that it’s a cost-control measure that ultimately benefits us all. It’s a way of improving a grossly inefficient system. (Also, people: please stop using the stupid term “Obamacare.” Have we not learned anything about framing in all these years?)

Another reason I feel uneasy is that the SCOTUS decision was a frighteningly close shave — the other four justices would have struck down the act in its entirely! That’s radicalism in your face, and it’s something we’ll have to contend with for a generation or more. But for today, I’ll let myself celebrate.


Jen Sorensen is a cartoonist for Daily Kos, The Nation, In These Times, Politico and other publications throughout the US. She received the 2023 Berryman Award for Editorial Cartooning from the National Press Foundation, and is a recipient of the 2014 Herblock Prize and a 2013 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award. She is also a Pulitzer Finalist.



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