AAEC Wrap-up

Okay, okay, I know I said I was going to blog from the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists convention, but I truly didn’t have a moment to spare. Considering that my primary activity consisted of stuffing my face with food and drink, I’m not entirely sure you needed a play-by-play anyway. Here, then, is an executive summary of Important Convention News, from a me-centric perspective.

I was nominated for the Board of Directors. I guess this marks the start of my political career. Today the AAEC, tomorrow the halls of Congress! Or at least Assistant to Tri-Cities Deputy Comptroller.

I was interviewed by KBOO. This is Portland’s community radio station. Matt Wuerker and I were interviewed for a show about cartoonists, to be aired sometime later this summer.

Jen at KBOO Portland

Me in front of the funkily-painted KBOO studios.

I drank wonderful beer. At Bailey’s Taphouse, I had something called a Block 15 Super Nebula Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout. This big, bold beauty is aged in oak barrels, boasts 11% alcohol, and will generally blow your socks off. That’s Ted Rall’s arm behind the glasses.

Goblets of ungodly goodness

A special shout-out to Kevin Moore and his wife Jenn for hosting Mr. Slowpoke and me.


  • http://outsidetheinterzone.blogspot.com/ Lockwood

    Woot! Block 15 is here in my hometown, and a number of my friends work there. I keep hearing that they have good beer, but I always assumed they were biased. Guess it’s time to eat crow…


  • http://nomind@fightingwordscomics.com Abell Smith

    I should’ve stuck around for the Super-Stout

  • http://www.homepage.montana.edu/~iedbf/index.html Bill Freese

    Still no woman president, yet. The beer and the radio station both look mighty good. Thanks for the report.

  • http://www.slowpokecomics.com Jen Sorensen

    Lockwood: I must say, it was a big hit among us cartoonists. Wish we could get it up here in Seattle!

  • http://stephaniemcmillan.org Stephanie McMillan

    Hi Jen, I can’t find the interview on kboo — can you provide a direct link? If so, I’ll post it on AAEC website.

  • http://www.slowpokecomics.com Jen Sorensen

    It wasn’t a live interview — it was recorded for the future. I’ll be sure to blog about it when it does air, probably later this summer. Thanks!

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