This Week’s Cartoon: All the President’s Men

No, this one isn’t about Romney’s video fubars. But I think it makes an important point that is ignored by most media and many voters. Viewing the election as a contest between two people named Obama and Romney is a simplistic approach at best, no matter how delightful Mitt’s personality tics and one-percenter utterances may be. A vote for “Romney” is a vote for sad sack Bush-Cheney neocons seeking a new lease on life, a vote for the Heritage Foundation, a vote for more Scalias, Alitos, and Thomases. Romney’s “character” — if it can be said he has one — has little to do with any of this; people should be talking instead about the cast of characters he’d bring to the White House.

Same goes for Obama: his extended network includes Planned Parenthood, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, more Sotomayors and Kagans, and countless invisible players behind the scenes. I’m not saying every last one of them is perfect, but when you look at the groups as a whole, the difference is stark. Harder to fit on a bumper sticker maybe, but these are the candidates you’re really voting for.


  • Roger Bloyce

    Not only are we failing to consider the candidates’ entourages and other baggage, the current media obsession with Romney’s nit-witticisms takes the campaign focus away from where it should be, on Obama’s record. This will probably allow our wishy-washy President four more years of shifting rightward and dancing to the tune of the corporate elite.

  • Elmore

    This cartoon makes a point I’ve been trying to make to friends and family for the last year-plus. During the GOP primaries I heard many people talk about how Romney sure seemed level-headed compared to the other psychos seeking the nomination, and while they might have been right, they totally missed the point: when you elect a president, you’re handing an entire branch of the federal government to his party and his network of backers and cronies. If a Republican–ANY Republican–is elected president, we’ll see Cheney/Rumsfeld types in top-tier positions, the Secretary of the Interior will be some oil & gas industry flunky, the HHS Secretary will be an anti-abortion zealot, and so on.

  • Labann

    47% on dole? Picking Steve Karell look alike for corunner? Total flip-flop on health care? Unabashed 14% to IRS on alleged $15 income? Deductible charitable contributions to conservative think tanks as AEI? Innuendo and lies regarding Obama efficacy and inherited deficit? Stagnate policy to extend recession as a fear tactic to get back in? Aren’t these the guys who bombed the WTC? Time to chuck out entire Republican stranglehold in Congress.

Jen Sorensen is a nationally-published political cartoonist. She is a 2017 Pulitzer Finalist and recipient of the 2014 Herblock Prize and a 2013 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award.