Rand Paul fundraising letter fun


I find Rand Paul’s blend of cockiness and paranoia to be endlessly fascinating, so I got a little excited when I received a fundraising letter that was intended for a previous resident. What I like best is that along with all the usual 1960s-era Cold War government-as-fascism nonsense, you get a header taken straight from the Mad Men logo. All that’s missing is the cigarette.

He’s also asking for a $600 donation. That’s Don Draper money! Clearly he stands with the little people — all the ones with six hundred clams to send to a libertarian frootloop. At least he knows from what era he comes.


  • http://anonatheist.wordpress.com/ Mike Hunt

    I think everyone would love to see it, if it was sent snail mail perhaps you could scan it and post it online.

  • Alan Barta

    Karl Rove’s Crossroads charity raised a billion dollars from 100 hundred contributors. You’ve got to know that anything they say merely consolidates a self serving message of fascist dominance.

  • Jen Sorensen

    Mike – I thought about posting a PDF, but it’s a few pages long, and the good parts are somewhat scattered. The most ridiculous thing is Paul’s continued insistence that the U.N.’s “Small Arms Treaty” (an effort to control the export of weapons across international borders to terrorists and other human rights violators) is a threat to American gun owners. More at Snopes: http://www.snopes.com/politics/guns/untreaty.asp

  • MacLeod Cushing

    I love your cartoons, but you go a little overboard with your allegiance to the obsolete 20th century liberal-conservative paradigm. Rand Paul of Kentucky is one of only two US senators on record as supporting an end to the 80-year-old prohibition of cultivation of industrial hemp; the USA, of course, being the only industrialized nation that prohibits it. At the other end of the spectrum, supposedly “liberal” senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein of California are 100% against legalization of cannabis hemp in any form, even medical marijuana for cancer patients. In fact Feinstein sponsored a bill a few years back to double mandatory minimum sentences for anyone caught with cannabis edibles, such as marijuana brownies. It’s not about left-right, liberal-conservative anymore, Jen. It’s about freedom vs. slavery, in all their forms.

    • Jen Sorensen

      I tend to think of Rand Paul’s views on reproductive rights and civil rights as the opposite of freedom.

Jen Sorensen is a nationally-published political cartoonist. She is a 2017 Pulitzer Finalist and recipient of the 2014 Herblock Prize and a 2013 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award.