Not Helping


  • InheritTheWindow

    Where is the rant accompanying this cartoon? I have been awaiting this source of catharsis for days, especially because the point made in the cartoon is so damn accurate – that the media is doing a terrible job of capturing just what a giant f*ck up slightly less than half the country made last week.

    • Jen Sorensen

      I’ve been too busy with travel and other life stuff, but am working up a mighty rant in my head. Hopefully it will come out at some point!

      • stefano gaudiano

        I’m looking forward to the rant, and hope that it makes more sense than your “not helping” cartoon. In hopes this might help you to shape the thoughts you’re working up, these are my objections to the cartoon. The sequence on the whole seems to be saying in essence: “shut up and let me be upset”. That sentiment strikes me as reasonable, very human. What didn’t make sense to me is that the voices that rejoice, rationalize, seek to comfort or complain-about-complaints in your nine panels are portrayed with illustrations that to my eye convey a tone of ridicule and irritation on the part of you as the author towards the characters. As a reader I felt that I was being asked to go along with a feeling of impatience and mocking towards the nine voices you portrayed. The punctuation panel in particular (“let the healing begin”) seemed to definitely close your strip’s argument on the note of accusation and intolance for the cacophony of your nine panels. This left me frustrated because each of your characters’ statements struck me as human and reasonable on a par with the ultimate sentiment of impatience that I perceived from you as the author (complaining about shallow, inadequate, misguided and untimely attitudes). As a reader I wanted to laugh along and commiserate with you, and found myself instead commiserating on my own about your seemingly sincere and hard-set impatience towards your nine characters, and laughing sadly about you rather than with you. In conclusion: I obviously found your strip thought-provoking, in what feels like a meta-way different than you may have intended as an author. Editorially I would have recommended an introjection of your own direct voice with an illustration of the author-as-character joining the parade of comments as a peer, with a concise imploration to be left alone. This to me would have elevated the strip’s overall impact. Thank you for your creative work, and for your patience in reading my comments.

        • arabylilac

          Seriously, THIS is what you have to say about what’s going on in this country now? A trite “writer’s workshop” deconstruction? Muslim registry? Sequestration? HELLO?

          • stefano gaudiano

            Hello, here’s a useful link about what’s going on in this country now from someone who’s been there before:
            Note: my didactic diatribe was not a comment on what’s going on in this country, it’s a comment on Jen Sorensen’s comic strip. I’m not indifferent to what’s going on in this country right now, and frankly wish for the strongest possible level of reasoning and commentary on the subject.

          • InheritTheWindow

            There is no one right way to resist the trump presidency, but protests are most certainly one of those ways. The author of that piece could not be more wrong. Protests show solidarity with our most vulnerable populations and unity among trump’s detractors.

            If you want to have high-minded and nuanced discussions, if you want to give trump a chance, or advocate for compromise then go right ahead. That’s your right.

            But don’t talk down to those of us who are exercising our rights to reject this president. trump is not my president and he will never be my president. I will oppose him at every turn, and I will seek to activate dormant liberals so that we never lose an election like this again.

            As Republicans began to teach us in 2009, there’s a word for political parties that seek to reach out instead of riling up their own base: losers.

          • stefano gaudiano

            Thank you for your feedback – the notion that we should embrace the divisive lessons delivered by Republicans sincerely troubles me, but i can see that it might be time for me to just listen.

          • Alan Barta

            I fielded a reply on Facebook that Trumpence detactors ought to resist rioting. Ha, ha! Every stop Trumpence made was accompanied by a riot by their supporters. Leftists seemed mild mannered comparatively. I wonder if this has to do with the graying of population and lackluster performance of millennials. We’d be camped on doorsteps in the 1960′s disrupting tyranny.

        • Alan Barta

          Trump will harm more than heal, so why should anyone embrace him? He has zero mandate without a popular majority.

  • Aaron

    The Democratic Party deserved what it got, as does our racist trash society. We’re scum.

  • RockyValentine

    So helping would consist of playing into the same divisive manufactured culture war that got us here in the first place?

    • Aaron

      Racism isn’t a culture.

Jen Sorensen is a nationally-published political cartoonist. She is a 2017 Pulitzer Finalist and recipient of the 2014 Herblock Prize and a 2013 Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award.