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This Week’s Cartoon: “Drooly Julie in ‘Hard Science'”

OK, so I couldn’t resist the Weiner story. But at least I tried to address the larger issue of  the media’s obsession with sex scandals, as opposed to drawing something that basically said “Haw haw! Politician can’t keep it in his pants!” Unlike the lawmakers who supported the Iraq War, Weiner never cost anyone his or her life. Nor was he hypocritical like so many “family values” politicians who try to micromanage other people’s sex lives (as Dan Savage put it) while taking liberties with his own. Plus, the boniferous crotch shot had a certain je ne sais quoi.

Seriously, though, it’s a huge problem for our democracy that the important issues — especially ones involving money — tend to be too dry and complex for mass appeal. Because that’s really where the action is. Not in Weiner’s underpants!

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