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Choose Your Pandemic Plan

The virus is, of course, infecting rich and poor alike. And it’s just a fantasy that you can buy private insurance against a pandemic. But America’s class divide is still manifesting itself in predictable ways. There is, according to this NYT article, a healthcare concierge service for the very rich and sick that costs $80,000 every six months.

The firm has helped clients arrange tests in Los Angeles for the coronavirus and obtained oxygen concentrators for high-risk patients.

“We know the top lab people and the doctors and nurses and can make the process efficient,” said Leslie Michelson, the firm’s executive chairman.

The fourth panel touches on the insane Trump tweets and pressers, where he has implied he’s withholding medical supplies from states with governors he feels are not sufficiently deferent.

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Breathtaking Negligence

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Coronavirus Spring Break

The Miami cruise ship referenced in the second panel had a passenger test positive after leaving the ship; thousands of passengers boarded after that person left, and were allowed to enter Miami without screening.

And in case you missed it, former Miss Nevada and Trump supporter Katie Williams boasted of eating at a crowded Red Robin because she’s American, dammit, and nobody tells us what to do. Because nothing says FREEDOM like being a vector for mass death!

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Pandemic Partisans

As I was drawing this cartoon, Fox Business host Trish Regan went on an unhinged tirade, suggesting that Dems were using the coronavirus to “encourage hate” and take down the president. Fortunately, I was able to work her into the third panel at the last moment.

Other right-wing media personalities have been weighing in with similarly inflammatory language about Dems rooting for the virus. As if the coronavirus isn’t enough to worry about, the Trump administration’s incompetence combined with the right’s conspiratorial rhetoric about Dems rooting for mass death should send shivers down everyone’s spine.

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Astroturf Twins

As you may have heard, there is now an anti-Greta, Naomi Seibt. The German teen is on the payroll of the vile Heartland Institute, publisher of such classics as Nothing to Fear: A Bright Future for Fossil Fuels. Really, she should not be a media sensation at all, aside from the appalling cynicism of her recruitment by industry propagandists. But imagining Greta’s loathing for her is kind of funny.

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